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GameSend gives this band a thumbs up! These guys blew us away the other night on a small stage in Colorado Springs in a local park. Colorado has been know for uprising talent in this industry, and GamesSend has been keeping an eye out for this kind of unique, and eclectic energy on stage.

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We talked with the band after the show, and they were all very cool about talking with them about their music. One of them said that they all come from the 90’s influence, and they even played a song from “Radio-Head” during their show. “

“We believe that given the right chance, these guys will go far in their industry, and we are glad to be able to work with such talented musicians. “


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GameSend’s “Pick of the Week” June 7th, 2011

Our first live action AMV or– (A)mateur (M)usic (V)ideo–
GameSend sends a huge shout out to the Creator(s) of this Uniquely Nostalgic Amv. This Epic Video contains footage from Televisions “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” featuring Willow Rosenberg (actress Alyson Hannigan), and Music from Evanescence, & 30 Seconds to Mars!
GameSend-Station will feature this video as our “Opening Play” for 1 week! Congratulations!



GameSend’s “Pick of the Week” May 26th, 2011

GameSend sends a shout out to the creator(s) of this totally Unique, & Eclectic AMV with Nostalgic 

Content from Final Fantasy. You did it again Heriticked!!!

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GameSend’s “Pick of the Week” May 4th, 2011

GameSend sends a shout out to the creator(s) of this amazingly Unique AMV featuring Scenes from “Eureka Seven”, and Music from “30 Seconds To Mars”! Awesome job- your video will be featured on our opening video till next Tuesday!

We will try not to ruin the story for those who have not seen it!

Unique Karen Gillan

Doctor Who's Amy Pond is amazing this season!

Amy, Amy, Amy- Amazing start to the new season of BBC’s Doctor Who. Amy Pond see’s a tragic event and is racked with emotional pain. Amazing acting on the part of Karen Gillan, as the tears streamed down her face, so did mine and those around me.

Story unfolds further when River, Amy, and Rori have to find a way to save the good Doctor’s life sometime in the past. They find a whole other dilemma when they run across some scary looking aliens, and a little girls plea in the dark makes the whole show just a little more ominous.

Unfortunately, this episode is a two parter, so we will have to wait for the conclusion. We will tell you this though- the show ends with the audience in total suspense, on the edge of their seat, and wanting more!

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