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!!Please Support This Amazing Cause!!

This program consists of volunteers that help feed, stable, manage and care for the horses. The program is currently building a barn on the property to house many more horses. Most of the horses are rescue cases and need homes and love. The youth that comes to the program often come from troubled lives, and need love and understanding themselves. This program helps the youth to gain a valuable lifelong experience to guide them in the ways of horsemanship, respect, and teamwork.


GameSend’s “Pick of the Week” June 7th, 2011

Our first live action AMV or– (A)mateur (M)usic (V)ideo–
GameSend sends a huge shout out to the Creator(s) of this Uniquely Nostalgic Amv. This Epic Video contains footage from Televisions “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” featuring Willow Rosenberg (actress Alyson Hannigan), and Music from Evanescence, & 30 Seconds to Mars!
GameSend-Station will feature this video as our “Opening Play” for 1 week! Congratulations!



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