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GameSend is a company that sells Unique, Eclectic, & Nostalgic Music, Movies, Anime, Television, & Video Games! GameSend was sarted in November of 2010, and powered by StoresOnline. GameSend is secured by companies like ProPay (APP), VeriSign, and Imergent Inc., and Drop-Ships through Doba. We are located at http://www.videogamesmusicmovies.com

 GameSend-Station is the place for FREE (to watch) Unique, Eclectic, & Nostalgic Music Videos, Movie Clips, Television Shorts, Theme Songs, AMV’s, & Funny Commercials! We are located at http://www.youtube.com/user/leosoflight 

GameSend-Station was a company made to promote GameSend and give the customers something for free. GameSend-Station is powered through Youtube, and did not create nor help to create any of the videos that we post. We simply gather it for our viewers convenience! GameSend-Station is NOT Recommended for viewers under the age of 18, as some of the contents can be graphic, or have partial nudity, or prohanity! “!!!PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED!!!”


These are just some of our favorites! for a full tour of over 1,000 Videos, check out