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!!Please Support This Amazing Cause!!

This program consists of volunteers that help feed, stable, manage and care for the horses. The program is currently building a barn on the property to house many more horses. Most of the horses are rescue cases and need homes and love. The youth that comes to the program often come from troubled lives, and need love and understanding themselves. This program helps the youth to gain a valuable lifelong experience to guide them in the ways of horsemanship, respect, and teamwork.


           GameSend’s Very 1st “Pick of the Month”!

                                   March  16th, 2012!

GameSend sends a very special shout out to “The L Project” for all their help in making things possible for us to continue to help here in America – Many Things Are Possible – If “We Always Stay Who We Are!!! —Pres/Ceo/LeosOfLight/GameSend—

The President/CEO of GameSend shares his feelings on “The L Project”(A Must See)

Sharing is Caring!!! *****Please Share “The L Project” To Your Wall To Show Your Support*********

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We first want to recognize  “The L Project” for their help in the Gay and Lesbian community. We found your music from our friends at “Kenelis” and loved your song so much that we want to “Share” – “It Does Get Better” in places where it will get some good attention. WordPress is an amazing platform for these things, but unfortunately, without the “Embed” code from Youtube, we cannot put the video into our many sites to portray it to our many fans. We will share it wherever possible, and support your work in any way that we can!


(taken directly from:

The L Project details…

What is The L Project?

The Song: “It Does Get Better”

Words & Music by Georgey Payne.

The inspiration for this song is a dear friend of Georgey’s who, at the age of fifteen, was up until recently being bullied and beaten up by kids at his school for being gay.

Our chosen charities can help put an end to situations just like this, as well as helping with other challenges that some LGBT people face day-to-day.

On February 11th 2012 The L Project will be releasing their charity single “It Does Get Better”. Our aim with this first project is to raise as much money as possible to help combat LGBT bullying using the most talented lesbian UK performers.

Everyone involved with The L Project has given up their time for free, coming together because they believe passionately in helping these charities.

Thank you to everyone involved so far, this would not happen without you

.(Re-Shared by GameSend. GameSend/GameSend-Station does NOT lay claim to the above text, and reserves ALL rights to the original journalists!)  


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GameSend’s #1 Community Outreach for Music is Rob Garland LA!!!

Check out this video…

We chose Rob because of his YouTube channel that has various guitar lessons. His Unique Style gives this channel a certain edge that other guitar lesson channels on YouTube just don’t have. 

Upon Researching his Profiles on Google, we have found his stature with the community to be in high regards, with free guitar lessons on his YouTube channels to lessons and music you can buy at his site on, you have a lot to choose from!

We highly recommend Rob Garland LA for all of these reasons and more, but we encourage you to create your own “Rob Garland” experience today!

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Moxie Scents has a wide variety of handmade soaps and Lip Dips. A beautiful array of scents, ranging from soft to bold. Come check out and find the unique scents that you are craving!

“Moxie Scents on FaceBook”

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GameSend gives this band a thumbs up! These guys blew us away the other night on a small stage in Colorado Springs in a local park. Colorado has been know for uprising talent in this industry, and GamesSend has been keeping an eye out for this kind of unique, and eclectic energy on stage.

Check this video that we pulled from…


Here’s some links from the band…

We talked with the band after the show, and they were all very cool about talking with them about their music. One of them said that they all come from the 90’s influence, and they even played a song from “Radio-Head” during their show. “

“We believe that given the right chance, these guys will go far in their industry, and we are glad to be able to work with such talented musicians. “


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GameSend’s “Pick of the Week” July 17th, 2011

GameSend sends a shout out to the creator(s) of this beautiful display of Borderlands. Your video will be our featured “Opening Play” for 1 week. You Rock!—LeosOfLight/GameSend–​-



Great Coffee- Great Atmosphere- Great Customer Service,

located at the corner of tejon and boulder.  The employee’s

were very friendly, and spoke to us with courtesy. The coffee

we ordered was very well made, with a robust flavor and a

great caffeine intake. Of course they have a full menu of

drinks to choose from, but we could not turn our eyes away

from the beautiful display of cakes, and pastries. We highly

recommend this coffee shop, and vote it #1 on the new shops

in downtown Colorado Springs.

 Make sure you stop by for Pride Fest, and wake up with some freshly brewed Java!

Great Coffee- Great Service- Great Value!Great Coffee- Great Service- Great prices!

Gold Hill Java:-332 N.Tejon Street Colorado Springs, Co. 80903


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Have you received your medicinal marijuana card recently? Have you been wondering where the best deals, and quality customer service is?

Look no further than “Natural Leaf”.

Medical Marijuana I Colorado Dispensaries

Where the customer service is as good as our deals!


Located at –907 South Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, Co. 80903

Office # —(719)-630-7300




GameSend’s “Pick of the Week” June 29th, 2011

GameSend sends a shout out to the creator(s) of this Unique AMV with from Hellsing and music from Rammstien! at


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